Blue Waves (2020)

Blue Waves was a study into softer INRP continuous patterns. Starting out with stills, later also looped animations. Created from scratch in plain old JAVA code. More works from this series can be found here.

Reduction to lines

CMYK Avedon (2016)

CMYK Avedon‘ (2016) is inspired by the iconic and beautiful image by Sir Richard Avedon. The image is built up by Cyan, Magenta and Yellow noisy lines, which blend into BlacK, hence, the preface CYMK The inspired work was developed in own code. Rendered out to 100 megapixels. Suitable for large format reproductions.

Asparagus Ferns (2022)

Sources Asparagus Fern leaves from the Leiden Saturday Market. Scanned at ridiculous resolution. Worked on from there. Works at 50 megapixels. Suitable for large reproductions. Mockups credits go to Ceacle and Anthony Boyd Graphics.

Unity in a polarised world. A study.

Red/Blue Unity (2022)

Red/Blue Unity‘ (2022) was designed over summer holidays, I studied patterns on a triangular grid using pencil and paper. After returning to a computer, I produced it. It symbolises the hope of the unity of opposing opinions in a polarised world. More details here.

Tyopographic ode to software language pioneers

Written in Code (2017)

Winner of open call. Series of 8 typography works where the inventor is depicted in a snippet of code of that particular software (programming/scripting) language. Featuring:

  • Ada Lovelace (foundational work, Ada language)
  • Guido van Rossum (Python)
  • Dennis Ritchie (C)
  • James Gosling (JAVA)
  • Grace Hopper (foundational to COBOL)
  • Larry Wall (Perl)
  • Donald Knuth (Tex)
  • John McCarthy (Lisp)
  • More graphics

    More graphic series