What we offer

If you provide the Why, we provide the What and How

Artistic-Technical Consulting

The conception of captivating visuals requires both artistic and technical skills. Building on two decades of experience, Cyanetica offers:

  • Art direction
  • Technology selection
  • Processing workflow design
  • Algorithm design
  • Software development and integration
  • Project management

Design services

You need an art piece. we make art pieces. Whether it s a modern portrait, a book or album cover, or visuals to support a campaign. Digital art, photography, cyanotypes, illustrations. We’ll create something beautiful. Starting fresh or building upon existing work from a two decade huge archive of work. Reach out to us, and tell us what you are looking for.



AutoEdit takes the pain out of bulk processing of RAW images in the Adobe Lightroom workflow, by automating image specific adjustments, dramatically accelerating post-processing workflows. Spending more time on putting in the final touches.

AutoEdit makes use of a self service concept and runs in the cloud on Amazon AWS. Contact us for access and a trial. Processing costs are as low as 10 euro cents per image.