Untiring, unforgiving.

Robotics in Art

Ink on paper using robotics

Modern portrait

For this untitled (2017) art piece a photograph was used as the basis for a reduction to triangles using the Delaunay triangulation algorithm. Using a fat Rotring pen, the lines were drawn on aquarel paper in black ink.

A robo-cyanotype

Meaningful Intersections (2018)

In ‘Meaningful Intersections‘ (2018) CNC robotics was used to selectively coat the aquarel paper with the cyanotype photosensitive solution. Thereafter the paper was developed through the normal process of UV light exposure. More details here.

Meaningful Intersections (2018)

Jet Engine (2021)

In ‘Jet Engine‘ (2021) – for hours on end, alternatingly, a paint brush was dipped into black aquarel paint and circles were slowly drawn. As the circle is drawn, the brush loses ink, creates incredible analog details. The concentric circles yields a visual that sucks the audience in. The original art piece measures 60x60cm and was thereafter digitised at over 60 megapixel.

Family Dynamics (2023)

Cyan, Magena and Yellow ink applied robotically to white paper with brush. Scanned and inverted. More details here.

In depth works