What drives us


I’m a dyslexic, that explains a lot

It’s not that I can’t read, I just prefer a picture. I am convinced, that all humans are visually inclined. The daily attention wars are played out through bombardment of mostly mediocre visual stimuli. I want to create captivating visuals, long lasting, that stick. Whether it is to tell a story, of draw attention in, or simply the enjoyment of aesthetics itself.

As an autodidact, unbound by academic rules and liberated by curiosity, I have the freedom and skills to make use of (and combine) a wide variety of artistic techniques. This includes cyanotype, robotics, fine art photography and digital art. Next to still work, I regularly make use of animation motion techniques.

As an engineer by training, heart and profession I do not shy away from building my own tools in support of creating art. Whether this requires electromechanical, electrooptical or software engineering. I rely on a broad skillset, a strong network and a great shared workshop in the heart of the city of Leiden, with the right tools for the job.

I love the credo: Just do it. I am a doer and love (rapid) prototyping to prove that things could work, rather than endlessly theorising that it could work.